Imperial College London, Department of Earth Science and Engineering

  • 2018-: Curriculum review project: deployment of an auto-grading framework for computational courses using Python and Jupyter Notebook
  • 2018-: Applying computational science , ACSE MSc [+]
  • 2018-: Modern programming techniques, ACSE MSc [+]
  • 2017: 2-day workshop introducing Shell and Git for geophysics undergraduates [+]
  • 2017-2018: Numerical Methods 1, 1st year of undergraduate studies [+]
  • 2016-: Introduction to programming for goescientists, 1st year of undergraduate studies [+]

Ecole Centrale Paris

  • 2014: Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of PDEs (1st year of engineering school / 3rd year of undergraduate studies) [+]

Student supervision

  • 2017-: Joe Wallwork, MRes then Phd, co supervision with M. Piggott and D. Ham


I am a certified Software Carpentry instructor