Videos of recent and less recent simulations. They are all available on my Youtube channel

Mesh adaptation for coastal ocean modelling in Thetis

Severn estuary

A tidal barrage is set in the Swansea Bay. Simulation of the full estuary is necessary to capture accurately the full tidal patterns.

Idealized estuary

Sinusoidal elevation is prescribed on the open boundary (half circle). Turbines can be placed in the channel.

Advected bubble in 2D and 3D

This test case was used to validate our mesh adaptation implementation in Firedrake.

Moving-mesh adaptation

Two F117 aircrafts crossing flight paths

Two F117 fighters rotating and passing each other at a subsonic speed. Density field (left) and moving anisotropic mesh (right).

Vortical wake of a F117 aicraft nosing up

A F117 aircraft noses up, and creates vorticity in its make. Mach isolines (left), and moving anisotropic adapted meshes (right).

3D ball in a shock tube

Rigid ball in translation in a shock tube, interacting with the shock and the contact discontinuity. Moving anistropic adapted mesh (left), and density field (right).

Moving-mesh CFD simulations

Ejection of the door of an overpressured aircraft FSI simulation

Example of Fluid-Structure Interaction simulation: the door of an overpressured aircraft is ejected from the cabin.

Unsteady mesh adaptation

Blast on London Tower Bridge

Time-accurate adaption of a blast on a complex geometry (average mesh size: 2M vertices).